Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Remember that scene from "Alien"...

OK so maybe not the scene from "Alien" but the one from "Spaceballs" where the alien pops out of the guys stomach and starts singing "Ragtime Gal"... I swear that is how my child is going to come out!

Baby movements have honestly been some of the strangest internal feelings I have ever had. When I first started to feel her move, they were more like tiny muscle spasms. It felt like my stomach muscles would suddenly flutter a bit and then stop. Interesting feeling...much MORE interesting once I realized that it wasn't ACTUALLY my stomach muscles spasming, but my baby kicking and fluttering and whatnot. Then she started to kick. At first I was the only one that could feel the kicks, no big deal, kinda light, a little reminder that she indeed was still in there, awww how sweet kind of kicks. Then she started to KICK! Now these kicks not only could others feel, but you could see them. If I happened to be sitting up and not wearing a bra my boob would go flying (if you know me, you know that is quite a feat...them are not small boobies). Now she was/is very stubborn. She'd sit there and kick and kick, and I'd say to whomever was around (Dan, Holly, Mom, etc) "Come feel she's kicking" and as soon as a foreign hand landed on my belly she'd stop, as soon as the foreign hand would give up (patience is not a virtue many have when sitting with baited breath with their hand on someone else's stomach) she would immediately start kicking again. Now, my child is quite large...and she's running out of space. Rare are the strong kicks, gone are the sweet little flutters. Now when she moves she takes my entire body with her. Dan and I will sit and watch as she moves her little tush (which is lodged up under my rib cage) from one side to the other...you see this very large unnatural lump in my belly, and then you see it slowly shift to the other side. Occasionally it will shove itself out a bit further, you'll see a few knee jabs, and then settle down into its new position. Meanwhile the head and shoulders are down lower in my abdomen...most days one part or another pressing directly on my bladder. Last night I was laying on the couch, her butt pressing its normally large lump out of the top of my stomach, and she must have decided to turn around so that her butt was towards my back. I felt like my entire stomach was caving in. She was using my lungs/diaphragm as a pushing off point for her turn around, so I couldn't breathe either. It was a very interesting feeling to say the least. That position didn't last very long though...by 4 am the butt lump had returned, and she started punching my bladder as usual.

So one of these days in the fairly near future, I am going to meet this child o' mine, and honestly I hope she comes out the regular way...and not the "Spaceballs" way!


Blogger Valerie said...

I remember those days quite fondly actually, watching a doorknob of a knee or elbow work its way across my stomach. All too soon she'll be here and then you'll get those weird phantom kicks hehehe :)

8:34 AM  
Blogger lauri said...

I just want to say "all hail Darth Helmet", can i call her that please,,lol
oh and i hope this works cause i had to sign up for here,,lol

3:14 PM  

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