Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Someone does not like me today...

Piper has been giving me absolute hell going down for naps lately, mainly because she is no longer sleeping in our dark, cool bedroom, with humidifier making nice white noise, but in her bright, warm, silent room in her large crib. So I can't just put her to sleep and lean over and get her into her co-sleeper during the day anymore, I have to put her to sleep, walk her to the crib, put her in, put the side up. and walk out. Since she only sleeps in there for about 1.5 hrs during the day, but spends the whole night in our room in the cosleeper, the humidifier stays in there.

Yesterday, I didn't get her down for either of her naps. MIL ended up, after an hour of crying (Piper here at home, and me in my car going to work) getting her down for her morning nap. She wouldn't take her afternoon nap either.

Today, I got her down with minimal effort for her morning nap. Got her into the crib with only waking her for a few seconds.

and then

10 minutes later, the dog threw a fit outside at the Fed Ex guy (who was guessed it, motorcycle parts!), AND 3 pans came crashing, unprompted by me, out of the cabinet, onto the stone kitchen floor.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH. She's up. And of course, she won't go back down.

So she's having quiet time in her crib with a few toys, so that mommy can cool off from idiot dog and idiot MIL (who precariously balanced a glass baking dish on top of 2 smaller metal pans in the cabinet yesterday when she insisted on doing my dishes...and not getting them clean....instead of playing with the baby)

Dan is out of town this not only do I have to deal with MIL and her crap for my day classes, but also for my night classes this week...and I am going INSANE. It's bad enough I have to work when I don't want to. But to have to deal with MIL more often than normal is TORTURE! Especially when she WON'T LISTEN TO ME.

And especially after this weekend...

Last week MIL told me (after we lowered the crib mattress down) that I needed to lower it down to the lowest level because Piper could fall out. She is just barely shoulders above the rail...there is no way in God's Green Earth that she can fall out of the crib, unless she had something to stand on to boost herself up another at least 6 inches... So whatever I ignore her, because I know she can't fall out, and MIL has the common sense of a flea.

So sunday we are at her house for Easter. She invites everyone for 1pm, food is supposed to be ready for 2pm, food isn't out until 2:30 pm, and Piper's naptime is 3pm. She KNOWS Piper's naptime is 3pm because she is here every Tuesday and Thursday until 2:30, and tells me every day when I get home, that Piper is tired. So 3pm rolls around, and GUESS WHAT, Piper is tired. So I tell everyone I have to go home to put Piper down for a nap, and this is what MIL says

"Can't you just put her down to sleep on my bed?"

I swear, I almost killed her...standing right there in her kitchen in front of the whole family. Somehow, the CRIB, with mattress lowered one notch is not safe for her...but putting her to sleep on a 4 foot high bed with metal head and foot boards is??? Without rails, without sides, without a BABY MONITOR??? I FLIPPED! I said, um she can roll, crawl, pull up, and almost walk, you had an absolute coniption fit about me keeping her in the cosleeper, which has sides, and you want me to put her to sleep on your BED? NO. We are going home, and Piper is going to take a nap. And I left.

When DH came home (he took his motorcycle), I asked, So how long did your mom cry for after I left. 20 minutes was the answer. DH said, buy a crib, buy a playpen, give her a safe place to sleep if you want her to stay during her naptime. and she says "I didn't know I was supposed to buy a crib?" sob sob DH says you don't HAVE to buy a crib, but then we will have to leave when it is Piper's nap time. She says "So you'll stay longer if Piper has somewhere to sleep?" (OMG is she REALLY this dumb or is it an act???) "Yes mom, we'll be able to stay longer if Piper has somewhere safe to sleep. You will have to make a place for her to sleep, just like you made a place for Devlin and Amber (his nephew and niece) to sleep when they are at your house"

I swear, it is like dealing with a 5 year old most of the time. She has no common sense, no logical thought ability.

I came home from work last week and the house was STIFLING. It was SO HOT. It had gotten warm throughout the day, and she didn't have the sense enough to open the windows. We don't have central air, she knows that, neither do they, and when it gets hot, you open windows. But she couldn't figure that out. So she let it be hot in here, and left piper in long pants, long sleeved shirt, and socks.

5 more classes...5 more classes...5 more classes

and then I don't have to deal with this crap again until next january, when I have a day class again.



Blogger Nikki said...

Oh, man! I'm glad that I don't have your MIL! I can't believe you have to deal with that! My MIL lives close by and we never see her! I guess I'm kinda lucky, huh?? Sorry about Piper and her naps. I know it's tough. I had some tough times like that with the boys. I always used a small floor fan in their room for white noise. They've had it in their room up until a few months ago. Now nothing wakes them up! Well, hope all goes well today and thanks for the update!! I wish I was close to you I would so be there to help you out! Have a good day!

Only 5 more classes! Yay!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Laura87/PicklesMommy said...

you poor thing!! im so sorry! your mil is driving me nuts, and i dont even know here! lol! i personally think its an act for attention! im not sure what it is about inlaws, but everything we do is wrong, yet if its convient for THEM, let our babies be unsafe, unconfortable & miserable! no prob if mil is happy tho!! ugh!! i hate that!! mine is the same, nicky doesnt need to go to bed at his bedtime (when hes tired and used to let alone NEEDS!) cuz shed rather we stay longer by her. it makes me so mad! SORRY! didnt mean to vent lol!! i feel for ya sweetie!!
5 maore days! thats awesome!! my fingers are crossed that you'll survive! lol!!

9:09 AM  
Blogger Traci said...

So sorry about all this! Your mother in law sounds like a total wench!

8:58 PM  

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