Friday, March 31, 2006

Still no plumber

OK I really dislike this guy. It's one thing not to show up, it's an entirely other thing not to even call!!! Whatever... there's a bucket under the leak, so we'll live LOL

We have a meeting with a handyman guy on Sat. Dan called to get an estimate on getting a bunch of work done on the house. See the housing market it still high but dropping, and the interest rates are still low, but rising, so if we want to get a loan to do work on the house we have to do it now before the housing market drops leaving us with no equity in the house. Sooooo... we're getting estimates on re-redoing the basement, the whole kit and kaboodle this time, wallboard, ceiling, doors for the laundry room, everything. A new roof, as we found out from his initial look-around that ours is no longer legal (they're not allowed to put 3 layers of shingles on anymore, only 2), new siding (ours is old dirty wood), and a few other things. If the estimate is manageable enough we are hoping to add central air (through the cieling not the floors), and a small garage to keep the motorcycle, lawn mower, and a future snow blower in. But we shall see what he says. We always joke that every estimate we get for work on the house is $10,000. This time that would be wicked cheap, so here's hoping LOL (more likely it will be around 30..) So maybe while he's here fixing the basement, etc. HE can fix the stinking leaky bathroom from heck.

On a SUPER positive note I won a CONTEST! YIPPEEE! Traci had a "finish the sketch" contest on her blog, and I won it! I am super psyched! Especially since the prize was her new kit that I have been absolutely DROOOOOLING over for close to a month now! YAY! Thanks again Traci!! (I'll put my winning layout at the bottom).

Anywho, that's about all that's going on here. If I had enough energy I could probably kill my MIL, but it's not like that's news LOL.

Alrighty, off to find lunch before Pip and I head out to Target
Layout Credits:
Kit: Sugar Doodle by Mindy Terasawa at The Sweet Shoppe
Atomic Cupcake Actions
Font: Inkburrow
Unfinished sketch by Traci Reed


Blogger Nikki said... I hate this plumber too!! Hope the meeting with the Handyman goes well and it's not too much over your budget!!

Congrats on winning Traci's contest! I just knew you would win!! I really love what you did with the unfinished sketch!!

Hope you have a good weekend!! :)

BTW, love your slide show!! :)

8:20 PM  

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