Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I've been Tagged again!

Wow I feel so popular LOL Thanks to Laura for tagging me!

What were you doing 10 years ago? I had just transfered to Barat College in IL from Hope College in MI. I was pretty sad and happy, happy to be closer to home, but sad because I didn't know anyone. I remember they made me take the beginning dance classes for no credit because they weren't sure if I was ready for the intermediate dance classes, which I was also taking. It was probably right about this time that we took a trip to Chicago to go ice skating, and I hurt my shins, and was "benched" for a few weeks from dance...

What were you doing one year ago? throwing up LOL. No, one year ago I was 5 months pregnant, and was teaching 3 classes at 2 colleges (same as now), and getting a million and one ultrasounds.

5 Favorite Snacks: Hostess Cupcakes, Turtles, Dog Food (chex with pb, choco, and powdered sugar), ice cream, Snackwells vanilla sandwich cookies

5 Songs to which I know all the lyrics: pretty much anything that comes on... I am a bit of a savant when it comes to music

5 Bad Habits: procrastination, biting my nails, cursing, leaving laundry in the washer, interrupting when I am excited or reminded of something

5 Things You Like Doing: taking photos and scrapping them, reading, surfing the net, dancing, playing games (board, video...whatever)

5 Things You Would Never Wear, Get or Buy Again.
I would never wear a midriff bearing shirt again...FAR too many stretch marks for anyone else to see (I did wear one in HS once, under overalls though so you couldn't really see my belly LOL)
I would never buy a Chevy Cavalier again (well technically I didn't buy it, my parents did, but that thing was a lemon from day one)
I will never get subs from Quiznos again...OMG the WORST food EVER
I will never get my hair cut too too short again (I look like Christian Slater when I do)
I will never get off the boat (cruise ship) in Nassau Bahamas again...when we go on another cruise, if the boat stops there, I'm staying on board and doing something fun...that was the WORST day of our honeymoon

5 Favorite Toys
my computer
my future camera
my future tablet
my stamps
my baby (ok so she's not a toy, but she's tons of fun to play with...does that count???)

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