Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh where oh where has my blogging time gone?

OK, so Piper now naps 1-2 times a day, for maybe an hour each time if I am lucky. In the past month so far I have created 27 (count them TWENTY-SEVEN) layouts, not including the 3 ATCs and the 2 page layout for a circle journal that I can't post. I have spent over 3weeks on-and-off waiting for a plumber. Plus 2 mini kits, and 2 (or 3 I can't remember) full size kits, and have 3 more kits in the works. PHEW!

OK so here's the quick update:

4 month check-up: 14lb 3.5oz, 25 inches, 3 more shots - but the fever only lasted 2 days this time. Piper can sit almost all by herself, and can pull up to sitting by holding on to your fingers. Her vocabulary is MASSIVE (lol) including such things as aahhheee, bwahhh, and a razzing sound

I am down another 2 pounds, and my non-maternity non-real-size pants are starting to get too big. Still nowhere near my real size, but there you have it! I am NOT AT ALL looking forward to going back to work in January, it is the ABSOLUTE last thing I want to do. BUT I have to. So off I go, 2 times a week, to teach students physiological psychology while they whine that it's too hard and too much information...

Did anyone download the freebie I put up for halloween? I'd love to hear what you think about it! Its funny, I give away mini kits at Digital Freebies for completing challenges, and I sell stuff there, and mini kits for ScrapMommies, but I hardly ever get any feedback on my kits (other than DH telling me how wonderful I am, and the occasional PM that someone likes this freebie) so if you use one of my kits, I'd love to hear about it! PM me on one of the sites (Digital Freebies, ScrapMommies, RAKscraps, SBB)

Alrighty, Pip is waking up...oohhh, I almost got an hour this time!!

Off to Whole Foods to get some baby food (she started "solids" on Saturday with some Sweet potatoes...she likes it, she really likes it LOL)


Blogger Valerie said...

I downloaded the hallowe'en kit, it's adorable, I can't wait until I have a few minutes to actually USE it LOL!

1:14 PM  

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