Monday, October 03, 2005

It's Official...I'm Old

OK, for a while now I have suspected that I am aging. Kind of a hindsight thing...I don't feel like I'm aging, but all of a sudden I am in my LATE twenties, not the MID twenties anymore...when the heck did that happen.

So I haven't colored my hair in a long long time... we were TTC for 7 months before I got pg (9 months) and Piper is 2.5 months old, so it has been at least 18.5 months since I have colored my hair...which I think is a world record for me. The significance of this is that I am currently sporting my real hair color, a sight previously unseen in my adult years. So a few days ago, I am checking out my hair color, and what do I spy? A blonde hair. OK so it wasn't a blonde hair, it was gray... my first gray hair. No big deal! Right? I have plenty of reasons to have "blonde" hairs...time in the lab, PhD, having a baby, no job... plenty of things to get "blonde" hairs over. OK so I can deal with the "blonde" hair.

Then yesterday we are in the car headed to the Berlin Fair, and Dan reaches over and grabs what he thinks is a dog hair hanging off my chin, and pulls. And it doesn't come off. The darn thing is ATTACHED! YIPES! So I start feeling around and sure enough...there is a really long hair sticking off my chin...and it's "blonde". So I plucked it with lightning speed and instructed Dan to never speak of it again. So the blonde hair I can handle...but a "blonde" CHIN hair is a bit much... it's official... I am no longer a kid.


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