Thursday, July 14, 2005

5 days to go...

I am starting to seriously doubt that I am going to have this baby early! According to the doctor yesterday I was "officially" not dilated, though the "outside" end of my cervix had started to open, the inside end had not. It has begun to thin a bit, but not enough to call it an "official change". However the doctor did say that she hoped she wouldn't see me at my next appointment, next wednesday, so that gave me a little hope. But the bambino is still head down, which is good, and I got another size esitmate of 6.5lbs, so either Dr. Brooks last time gave me a final size estimate rather than an "at this time" size estimate, Dr. Lope de Haro doesn't know what she is talking about, or my child has not grown in a month (which is not the case). But then again, size estimates are not to be trusted at all, as they are almost always wrong, and in either direction.

And I thought I was antsy a few weeks ago... I am downright climbing the WALLS now! I am trying really hard not to do too much, but it's almost impossible. The more I lay down the more I think about when the baby is going to come and the more it stresses me out, etc. etc. So I am reading a lot, as many non-pregnancy-related books as I can. Watching a whole lot of TV, and sleeping... but I am still going batty! Today I have stamped the final curtain, painted a watercolor for the baby's room wall, done 2 loads of laundry, and am contemplating the dishes, though I am not sure my back can take it. And it's only 2pm!!!

Alrighty, I should lie down for a bit...then maybe I'll tackle the dishes!


Blogger Valerie said...

Size estimates are ridiculous, my doc told me Katie would be a "nice 7 pounder", well she was born at 8lbs3ozs 3 days later...

Here's hoping you don't go past your due date!!

8:42 AM  

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