Saturday, July 09, 2005

Nothing to report...

Just sitting here, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for my child to decide to make an appearance! (I appreciate that I am still 9 days from my due date...but I am absolutely CONVINCED that I am going to go early) Braxton-Hicks have picked up the past few days, having some almost every day, though not as long of bouts as before. Yesterday they were off and on for most of the day until about midnight or so. Definately starting to get antsy. Looked up "natural labor inducers" on the web real good news. Basically everything that everyone suggests doesn't have any shred of proof that it works. My favorite was castor oil, a few teaspoons a few times a day. The reasoning was it will cause your bowels to cramp and you to have diarrhea, which will in turn cause the uterus to have "sympathy contractions"... I almost fell out of my uterus is going to have SYMPATHY contractions for my bowels??? That was a little too new-agey even for me. Many of the midwives/doulas on the sites suggested visualization exercises in which you visualize yourself talking to your baby and asking him/her why they have decided not to come yet. While it is true (scientifically) that the baby does send the hormone signal to the mother to begin labor, I think that discussing with your unborn child WHY they have DECIDED not to come is a BIT too far-fetched for me as well... So I will continue on with the not-so-loony-sounding methods, such as walking, and stair climbing. If my uterus wants to have sympathy contractions, it's just going to have to do it without castor oil!


Blogger Valerie said...

Don't do the castor oil! If it gives you diarrhea what do you think it'll do to baby girl and you sure don't want her breathing that stuff!

When I was 10 days overdue with my first I tried nip*ple stimulation (causes oxytocin to be released) and was in labour within 10 hours.

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