Friday, August 05, 2005

First Day Alone!

OK I really thought that being all alone with the baby was going to be absolutely terrifying. I was really nervous. But things are going really well. We have gotten into a routine in the past few days. Piper has some time in the morning where she stays awake between feedings, and the rest of the day she pretty much naps. She has a "rough time" of night at about 5:30-6 every night where she gets really fussy, acts hungry, but screams when you feed her, etc. But it doesn't last all that long. Right now she is napping in her crib, though she is starting to make noise in there so it might not last much longer...

Yesterday we went out all by ourselves to Staples, I managed to get the car seat in and out, attach and detach it from the stroller, and not have a panic attack while driving with her in the back seat. I was pretty darn proud of myself (it's the little things...). I was going to attempt the grocery store today, but I am a bit tired, and think I'd rather nap :)

Tomorrow Dan has a haircut, and Pip and I are going with. His stylist is itching to see the baby. Just hope her feeding schedule corresponds with the haircut time!


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