Wednesday, July 20, 2005

She's here!!!

Whew! What a week! I started having contractions at 10pm on Saturday night, we got to the hospital at 1am sunday. Had some Stadol and went all loopy...did NOTHING for the pain, but made me not care as much about it. I kept saying really goofy things, which I am sure Dan will continue to remind me of for years to come! Finally got an epidural, which got rid of the pain of the contractions, BUT left me with the most incredible urge to 5 cm dilation...YIKES. SO I spent 3 hours trying NOT to push with every contraction. Had a really bad reaction to the bladder catheter, so that had to go (thank GOD they agreed to take it out, I was in so much pain). Epidural started wearing off, but all anesthesia docs were in an emergency, so it took them a good 2 hours to come back and reinforce it. Meanwhile...trying not to push... When I was fully dilated, the nurse called in the doc, I pushed for 7 min and out popped my beautiful girl. The downside of it going so quickly was there was no time for a proper episiotomy, SO, I am stitched up in a few spots, and not all that comfy... I know I really lucked out in the pushing dept, but honestly, I was probably inadvertently pushing while trying not to for 3 hours, so that probably hhelped her move down.
OK so enough of the gory details! Here's my munchkin!!!
Piper Kenna, 7lb 6 oz, July 17th


Blogger Valerie said...

Welcome to the world Piper!

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