Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is the world IQ going down???

Or am I a stupid people magnet?? OK so maybe he wasn't a stupid person, but he certainly had to common sense of a flea... here's the story

The last time we had a snow storm, Dan called a plow guy. "Yeah sure, I'll come out today" and he never showed. So Dan called him the next day, and he came out, plowed the driveway, and snow blew (what the heck is the past tense of snow blow? snow blew? snow blow-ed?) the sidewalk. So he was a bit of a guido (LOL) and wore WAY too much cologne, but he charged $35 instead of $60, so we were happy.

So we have another big snowstorm. ~2 inches on New Years Eve, and about 4 more yesterday. So Dan calls the plow guy again "Yeah I'll be out at 8pm" So 8pm comes and goes, no plow guy, no big surprise. We figured he'd show today. Dan goes to bed around 10, I follow around 10:30, and Piper was sound asleep.

I wake up at 12:20am, no big surprise, I wake up all the time... but this was a different wake up. Then I hear the dog bark...a low quiet kind of bark, so I assumed he was having a happens...

And then he barks again...louder. And again...Louder. At this point I got up to tell him to shut up. I got halfway down the hallway in my pajamas (read: skin tight tank top to hold on my nursing pads, and underwear), look up at the side door and SCREAM. There is a man standing at my door, at 12:20 am. Now he was looking down so I couldn't see his face, but his size and jacket looked approximately like my brother in law. So I go back into the bedroom, and wake Dan up "There's a man at the door, it might be Matt, so since he's your brother, you get to go take care of it"

By this time the dog is barking up a FIT and Piper has woken up (between the dog barking and me screaming who could blame her?)

Dan comes back into the bedroom. Nope it wasn't Matt, it was the plow guy. He thought it would be better for him to come tonight, since Dan had to go to work in the morning, than to wait until tomorrow to come. Yes, the plow guy ACTUALLY thought that it was BETTER to show up at someone's house after midnight to plow, than to come in the morning. So not only did he wake up my whole house, and scare the living bejesus out of me...BUT he then proceeded to plow my driveway, AND use 2 gas powered snow blowers to do the sidewalk, so he probably woke up the whole neighborhood too...

OK, so what kind of MENTAL GIANT thinks it's a good idea to come to plow someone's driveway after midnight??? And if he does think it's OK, why doesn't he take the hint that no one is awake when ALL THE LIGHTS ARE OFF in the house?

Needless to say, a different plow guy will be called the next time we have a snowstorm.

And hopefully Dan's insurance will cover my therapy for the nightmares I am sure to have about people breaking into the house for the next few weeks!


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What a funny guy...I would of been freaking too. I can't stop giggling over his "stupidness" (if that is a

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