Wednesday, March 15, 2006

time flies...

when you're working and not having fun at all... The semester is half over, thank goodness, Piper will be 8 months old on Friday (OMG), and I haven't posted here in a month...

Still sad about working, but the end is in sight...I have 7 weeks of classes left...halfway through...halfway done.... Halfway back to the way that I want my life to be, raising my child, feeling less stretched, less guilty, less sad (here's hoping).

Ania and Krzys's birthday is this weekend. Piper and I are going to their party ALLLLLL the way down in Groton. Dan is on call this weekend and may or may not be able to go.

I apologize for being "negative" again...but I feel like I am rolling around in a pit of depression, and I'm getting a bit tired of it. I am hoping that my mood will improve once work is over, and I feel less stressed...who knows. I have a feeling a visit from the Paxil Fairy is in my future...I'm ok with that...I was proud to go off of it 5 years ago... but I always said if I needed it again, I would go back. I am definately headed in that direction...

On a more positive note, my kits are selling really well. I have released 3 this month, Blue Jean Baby (with a freebie add-on at Digital Freebies until Thursday), Raspberry and Lime (which was available as a freebie to Ready-Set-Create readers, and is now at Digital Freebies), and an Add-on to my Valentines kit (previously the feb challenge prize kit at DF, now available in the store). I have another in the works: Warm Hugs, and about a billion in my head, without time to get them out on the computer.

I've done a bunch of new layouts lately, you can check them out at ScrapMommies or Digital Freebies

In addition to my regular appearance in Ready-Set-Create, I have had my second digital layout printed in a national printed magazine...well sort of... My "Siblings" layout was included on the Bonus CD-ROM that accompanies all issues of Scrapbook Answers magazine, the April 2006 I guess technically I wasn't published IN the magazine...but close enough (my first publication, I can't remember if I posted about it or not was in the Fall 2005 issue of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine, my "Many Faces of Max" layout in an article featuring scrapping your pets). I am really excited about this most recent publication...I feel famous or something :)

Alrighty, I am on Spring Break from Quinnipiac this week, and should probably work ahead so I can be on top of things before I go back (yeah...right), so I am off to do something constructive (read: sirf the net, and read blogs until it's time for Pip to go to bed)

I'll leave you with my most recent layout called "So Big" credits: Kimberly Giarrusso's Amaze kit from the Digital Freebies Club, font: Suzie's Hand (my new fave, thanks to Laura :) )


Blogger Traci said...

Oh Maria! I'm sorry that you feel so bad! If there's anything I can do or if you ever need to chat just let me know!

Piper is getting so big! 8 Months?!? That's incredible!!

5:03 AM  
Blogger Laura87/PicklesMommy said...

yeah!! youre back bloggin'!! i missed ya chickie!! :) sorry your sad... ditto on what Trace said... were here for ya if ya need us!! but-- congrats on the l/o!! too cool sweetie!! and susies hand is a rawkin' font isnt it!! ;)

8:49 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Hey Maria,
I came to visit your blog to get my "Pip" fix lol...she's such a darling! And that "So Big" LO is absolutely adorable!

I hope things settle down for you soon. Miss ya on the boards...hugz

3:16 PM  
Blogger Nikki said...

Just thought I'd pop in and say "hello"! So sorry that you're feeling bad right now. I'm kinda the same way. I'm so BLAH these days. I was on Wellbutrin for a few years and have been off of it for several months now. I'm so close to going back to the dr. to get a new rx.

Congrats on the publication! I'll be looking for it! Hope you have a good week. If you need anything or just want to chat let me know. I haven't been on Hello in awhile but if you see me logged in say hello!

11:40 PM  

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