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I guess then I should

OK so eventhough everything is still completely up in the air (and is probably not going to happen at this point) I guess I should let the cat out of the bag

Here's the long version:

Dan's company lost the account he was working on. There will be a year of transitioning everything BACK to the old way it was (Dan was the main transfer-er), and then everyone on the account has to find new jobs, either at the old place, or within his company on another account. His company will keep you paid "on the bench" for 3 months, and after that if you still don't have a position, they lay you off.


So Dan immediately emailed one of his big bosses and said that he would really like a management position for the transition if there was one available. Big Boss emailed back and said he wasn't sure about that but there was this GREAT manager position that he though Dan would be perfect for on another account. The catch???

The account is in Georgia.

SO..... we would most likely have to move, if Dan gets the job. It is possible that they would settle for a move "within driving distance" to the site in case of emergency, but Dan would work remotely... in which case we would most likely be moving to North Carolina (somewhere outside of Raleigh, where there is an IBM facility that Dan would work at).... OR it is possible that they would want him on-site, in which case we would be moving to the GA/TN border where the Big BIG boss of the account lives, and Dan would drive to the GA site to work.

When we got wind of this (well over 2.5 weeks ago) we were really excited and nervous and the whole shebang. There was a possibility that he would not be required to move, in which case we were trying to decide if we WANTED to move, and get a fresh start. Somewhere with lower costs of living, less stress. Where I wouldn't HAVE to take on so many classes and could be home with Piper more, etc etc etc.

as I said... this was all almost 3 weeks ago now, and Dan hasn't heard a thing from his Big Boss. Meanwhile he has applied for a few other management positions, and some positions with old account (one in Greensborough, NC). So there still is a possibility of moving... but it certainly doesn't feel as likely as it did the day Dan told me. It's gotten to the "just let me know so I can stop thinking about it" point.

Other News:

I have been training for the last month to become an online college instructor, so that I can (hopefully) reduce my in-class classload and supplement with online courses. I really hope it works out... I think I would be a lot happier.... or at least in my car a lot less (my stoopid car... less than 3 years old and the CD player is on the fritz and has been since before christmas... it's finally being installed next weekend)

Pip is doing great, talking up a storm, adding a new word to her vocab daily, and in general running around like a maniac. She tested negative at her follow up egg test, so we have a food challenge in march!

and she's up so off I go!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow much is up in the air (career wise). Hopefully, you will get great news soon.
Love the look on your blog and congrat's on being blog of the month.

3:09 AM  
Blogger Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Well I really hope everything works out ok for you guys, I'm sorry about what happened at his job but it sounds like you're not too worried that he will get something and it will all be ok. Hey if you move to GA, we could be neighbors! :) Woohoo! We will only be down there for a year though. Anyways, good luck to both of you, I think it would be awesome if you could do online courses. Keep me posted and take care! :)
*big hugs* ~Jen

3:13 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

wow! you might be maria in ga or maria in nc in a few months! :) is dan an ibm'er? i did a 2 year internship with them outside dc several years ago. online courses are awesome. i worked at an internship office at byu several years ago and we offered an online version of the internship. i got to 'teach" the class a few times and i really enjoyed it. good luck!

12:31 AM  

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