Friday, June 22, 2007

Scrapping Binge

Well I know it's been a while since I posted... and a lot is going on.... but that's for another time and day. Because I just went on a scrapping binge!

I usually ossicilate between being able to design and being able to scrap. And the kits are flowing... so the layouts haven't been LOL. But over the past 2 days I scrapped like 5 layouts WHOOO HOOO!

Here are some fun ones:

Gardening. Usually when I scrap I try to stay with one kit, or at least within the same designer. But I went all out with this one. First, it's a scraplift of Trish Jones' Feet Time at DST, which is absolutely adorable. Kit credits: He'll Break Your Heart, Vibrant, Graphically Grunged, Faded Tee, Mini Alpha, and Love Sprung by Traci Reed at Scrapbook Graphics; Chicken Scratch Alpha, Daddy's Little Girl, and Ode to Cardboard: I've Been Framed by Amy Bleser at Scrapbook-Bytes; and In My Backpack Snippits, (S)tempting Flowers, and Posh Baby Cakes - Lil Miss Addition by Laura Deacetis at Sweet Shoppe. Phew!

Lately I have been on a retrodiva kit. I had been stockpiling and it was time to get scrapping! Here they are!

Just me, using retrodiva's Bohemian Love Affair at Digital Freebies. Showing off my FAB new haircut (as a result of a donation of about 12 inches to Locks of Love)

Very Blessed, featuring retrodiva and Eva Kipler's Celebrate Harmony available at Also using Jen Caputo's paper tear at SBG and Karah Fredricks' folded corner at Blue Flombingo. Showing my lovely Pipster on the day she got bit in the face by another kid at Gymboree (she's fine, no permanent damage, and the bruise is already gone).

soul mates using retrodiva's gooooooooorgeous kit All I Need (again, another Tracy kit that I need clothing made out of... yumm-o). Also using another fabulous fold by Karah Fredricks' at Blue Flombingo. (seriously I am not on Karah's CT or anything, but I have been wicked pimping these folds, they ROCK! I usually do my own, but her's are so super fast, that I am a total convert. Karah, if you ever need another CT member..... :D). Um, yeah, if you know me, you've seen that photo before... like a thousand times...

Last but not least in my retrodiva binge:

Maria 1977 & Piper 2005. Using retrodiva's Mommie and Me at Digital Freebies, Jen Caputo's paper tear at SBG, and lo and behold Karah Fredricks' folded corner at Blue Flombingo. Let me just say that I pulled my baby photo to scrap a layout with Laura Deacetis' Posh Baby Cakes - Lil Miss Addition, and then I rememberd this photo of Pip , and then I remembered the kit from Tracy, and it all came together in like 5 seconds LOL.

OK so that was my 2 day scrapping binge. I did some other fun stuff too recently. Here are some of my faves.

Almost 2. Scraplift of ChristineS. I can't believe my baby is almost 2... whaaaaa! Using Traci Reed's Vibrant and mini alpha from SBG and Atomic Cupcake's sanded action.

Easter Beauty using Laura Deacetis' Posh Baby Cakes - Lil Mister Addition, and All Laced Up Alpha at Sweet Shoppe

And one with my latest kit:

First Ponytail using Melon Sorbet Quickpages by Me! Available at Digital Freebies.

OK I'm done bragging on my layouts

So hidden in all those layouts are the fruits of our last month. I'm scrapping and creating, so that means that school is out WHOO HOO. I chopped off all my hair for a good cause and now have a fab new 'do. Piper got bit on the face in Gymboree by a boy who wanted to go through the tunnel that she was in. Very traumatic for all involved, but said boy is no longer in class with us, so it won't be an issue. Pip is fine and still loves Gymboree. And no new good photos of me and Dan, so I keep using the old standby.

On to business. My CT and I have been brainstorming some FAB new ideas, and one is ready to launch in a few days. So keep an eye out on the blog if you like contests, fun swaps, chances to win coupons, free kits, or even a guest CT spot!


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