Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Piper! And other stuff too!

Sigh.... my baby girl turns 2 today! YAY!! *SOB* It's one of those bittersweet moments. I am so glad that she is growing up, she is so happy, so talkative, such a joy (unless she's kicking me in the face before naptime... but I'm happy today, so mood-congruent memories and all that, she's a peach!), yet at the same time turning 2 means one year closer to school, one year closer to not wanting to cuddle any more, one year closer to not being a baby any more. NOW I understand why people have more kids. But I keep telling myself, no matter how many I have, they will ALL grow up. So I'm focusing my energy on living in the NOW with Piper, not focusing on who she was, or who she will be. But keeping my eye on that little ball of light right now.

So a big raucous HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIPER is in order! Yippeee Hooray! And what better way to celebrate my monkey-girl's birthday than with a SALE, right? LOL

Whooo hooo! Link over to DSD on the right there.

Let's see, I also have a TON of new stuff in the stores today

AND! since it was such a rousing success, I am having another brag book swap, with my latest collection Juicy.

Scrap a 6x4" 300ppi layout with any pieces or parts of my Juicy kits, delete out the photo area(s) all the way through all of the layers, so you are left with a transparent hole in the layout. Save as a png file, and email it to me at maria@marialafrancedesigns.com Deadline for submissions is July 31st!

OK, off to Gymboree with the Birthday Girl!


Blogger lukasmummy said...

I can't believe she's two already!
Happy Birthday Piper!!
Hope you have both had a great day.
Hugs Crystal xxx

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Char said...

I can't believe she's two either! Happy, Happy Birthday Piper (a day late!)

Can't wait to see b-day pics and layouts! :-)

3:29 PM  

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