Friday, May 26, 2006

Sneaky Peek and MORE RAIN latest and greatest kit is done...but you're going to have to wait a bit to see the whole's top secret!

but here's a sneaky peek just to give you a taste:

We had a nice reprieve from the was GORGEOUS here monday through thursday...and today it's humid and sticky and YUCK. I decided that since it was generally yucky outside, and Piper and I weren't going to be going for a walk, we'd head to Target, and get diapers and a bridal shower gift for the Wedding of Doom (i.e. my BIL's the girl he doesn't like, but thinks her mom is hot, so at least she'll be hot when she's older...because that's solid grounds for a marriage). Anywho. We pull into Target, and lo and behold it starts raining. Now the last time Pip and I went to Target, I got drenched, head to toe in the outright downpour that was going I wasn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of rain during this Target trip. However we made it in and out unscathed. Bridal shower gift in tow...I am actually proud of this gift. She had registered for some gardening stuff, and I found this awesome orange metal tub on sale and miraculously all of the stuff I bought fits inside it! And I only spent $50...$10 less than the $60 coffee machine I had planned on buying! So now I have to find on of those clear plastic basket wrapper thingies...or just tie some ribbon on the handles of the basket, and fill the bottom with some shredded paper or something...probably the latter.

While I'm here...might I recommend some good summer reads (and by all means if you have recommendations, PLEASE post them in the comments, I am always on the hunt for a good book).

Right now my author of the month is Jennifer Weiner. I picked up her book "Good in Bed" on an Amazon Recommendation, under the impression that it was going to be my typical romantic comedy, with a little sex thrown in for good measure...I couldn't have been more wrong. An AMAZING novel that spoke right to me...heavy-set woman dealing with the break-up with her boyfriend, who plasters their love life and relationship in general in his column in a national magazine, which she initially finds offensive, until she realizes how much he actually loved her, at which point she tries to get him back (the kicker is, he actually is a loser...but he did love her, I'll give him that...). Anywho...reading during my exams and potty breaks, I finished it in a week...which as of late, is postively DEVOURING a book. Upon finishing, I happened upon another Weiner novel at the grocery store, her most recent "Goodnight, Nobody." The first book spoke to the fat girl in me...the second book spoke to the stay-at-home-mom in me, and was yet again, another AMAZING novel. Being as I ususally subscribe to the romantic comedy view of the world, I was a tad disappointed in the ending...but so be it, still a fabulous read. SO while wandering through Target today I just happened upon another Weiner novel (ok so I was actually SCOURING the book section PRAYING that they would have one of the 2 I hadn't yet read). So today I picked up "Little Earthquakes" and can't wait to start reading it.

Which is what I will be doing in my off time most of this weekend...aside from scrapping and working on my next kit...

NO PARTY AT MILs THIS WEEKEND!! YAHOOOOOOO! BIL (the one getting married) was whining that we were just there for Mother's Day, and she was going to have us again for Father's Day, and Erica's shower is next weekend, so enough is enough, and she decided not to have a Memorial Day picnic! YAYYAYAYAYYAYYAAAY! No tastless hamburgers...No saltless potato salad....No "same chocolate chip cookies she makes for every single occasion and taste awful"

Normally that would mean that Dan and I and Pip will do something fun this weekend...unfortunately Dan is on call, and can't be far from his computer in case there were a problem....bugger...

Alrighty, off to flip the laundry and get dinner going!


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