Wednesday, September 14, 2005

2 month check up

OMG my baby is 2 months old...ok not really for another 3 days, but she had her 2 month check up Monday!

She is now: 11lb 7.5oz; 22.5in long...EEP! Mind you that's half a pound and half an inch shy of being too big for 0-3 month clothes. But she's still "practically perfect in every way"! Poor thing got 3 shots (5 vaccinations) and ran a fever until about midnight last night. But her shot spots are not red anymore, and no fever all day today, and she is awake and alert just like before, so I am pretty sure she is all good. We also found out that the scaly-ness on her head is cradle cap, and I need to wash her hair with Head and Shoulders (basically, my 2 month old has dark clothes for her LOL, just kidding). So while I was at the grocery store I was gong to pick up the Head and Shoulders, and thought I should check the baby aisle, maybe there is special baby formulated Head and Shoulders, or some special cradle cap shampoo. So I find the "Gerber Complete Cradle Cap Kit", great I think... and then I look at the size of the box...tiny, and the price, $10.99, and the contents: scalp oil, comb, regular baby shampoo, scalp cream. So basically a whole lot of nothing as I already have a comb and regular baby shampoo. So I go to the regular shampoo aisle and have my choice of sizes of bottles of H&S. The smallest one, which seemed appropriate as she has a very small head, and very small shoulders, was $3.99. And the bottle that was over 3 times that size was $5.99. So of course the frugal shopper in me buys the ginormous one. All I have to say is Dan or I better get dandruff, or there is NO WAY I am ever going to finish this bottle of shampoo. Some days that frugal shopper needs to shut up and let me buy the SENSIBLE one, not the cheap one!

edited to add: it just occured to me...why do they call it Head and Shoulders? Are there people out there that are so hairy that they actually have to shampoo the dandruff out of their shoulder hair??? eeewwwwwww!

In addition to Piper's 2 month check-up, I have also had my 2-month check up. Actually it was supposed to be a 6 week check-up, but my original appointment got cancelled, and I saw her last week. Turns out I am already 3 pounds lighter than I was at 8 weeks pregnant. WHOO HOO! Unfortunately, my pre-pg jeans don't fit, neither do my pre-pg shirts (thanks to the milk truck that is currently residing in my chest). So apparently I lost weight in areas that do not effect how my clothes fit...Like my ankles, and elbows...certainly not my waist, boobs, or chins (yes I still have several) So as I sit here typing on this I am *happily* snacking on chocolate rice cakes. Of course I doubt they are still considered diet food if you polish off the whole bag in one sitting.

Last bit o' interesting news, my digital kits are going to be being sold in a consignment shop online! I sent in my first kit today, hopefully it will be up by tomorrow! So when it is there it will be here: Just look for my name :) It is (of course) pink and brown... The next one in the works is an All about Boys kit (you'd think I'd be making girly kits but I had an idea so I had to run with it LOL), after that I have one that is tentatively titled "new kit" as I can't think of anything witty for it! Since the shop only charges a commission if you sell something I'm not out any money by putting stuff up, I just hope people like my stuff and buy it! (though not too much as if I make more than $600 theyhave to report it to the IRS...)

Well I have run out of rice cakes, so I guess I should stop typing.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!