Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Like my new header?

Me too!

Laura Deacetis has come out with a set of ADORABLE blog banners, made by the most talented scrapper in the universe, Nikki Beaudreau. I LOVE these banners, they are adorable! Pick them up at the Sweet Shoppe HERE

Not too much to report. My family has just flown back home. Mom and Dad came in on Thursday and left today, my brother and his girlfriend came in LATE friday night and left monday morning. It was so great to see them all. Pip took to them like a duck to water, especially Mom and Kaylene... it's 2 days later and she's still asking for Kaylene, too cute!

Loads of new things going on at DF and DSD. DF has new challenges, new designers, and a new creative team that is being announced this week. DSD has some fab new cheerleaders who completely rock!

All is well... semester is almost over... WHOOO HOOOOOOOOO!