Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I sold stuff I sold stuff LA LA LA LA LA LA!

OK today was my first "paycheck" from my digital kits at, and I sold stuff! I sold 2 kits and an alpha for a grand total of $10 and change after the commission fee! YIPPEEE! This was only from half a month's worth of "selling" and I know a few of the Creative Team members took my kits as their assignments this month, so that mean that more layouts will be posted with my kits, which means more people will see them which means more people will (hopefully) buy them! Regardless...I made $10!!! I suddenly feel rich! OK so maybe not rich, but $10 richer LOL

My next kit is called "Piper's Shirt", because I was sitting at the computer with her in the bouncer next to me and I wanted to make something but didn't have any ideas, and I looked down at her shirt which had orange, coral, and light pink flowers, and BAM a kit was brought to life. Well partially at least...still have a lot more things to make for it before it is finished!

After that is "Hit the Mute Button" dedicated to Dan who can't stand to listen to commercials. The colors in the kit are all very muted tones, so I thought it was an appropriate title.

Monday, October 03, 2005

It's Official...I'm Old

OK, for a while now I have suspected that I am aging. Kind of a hindsight thing...I don't feel like I'm aging, but all of a sudden I am in my LATE twenties, not the MID twenties anymore...when the heck did that happen.

So I haven't colored my hair in a long long time... we were TTC for 7 months before I got pg (9 months) and Piper is 2.5 months old, so it has been at least 18.5 months since I have colored my hair...which I think is a world record for me. The significance of this is that I am currently sporting my real hair color, a sight previously unseen in my adult years. So a few days ago, I am checking out my hair color, and what do I spy? A blonde hair. OK so it wasn't a blonde hair, it was gray... my first gray hair. No big deal! Right? I have plenty of reasons to have "blonde" hairs...time in the lab, PhD, having a baby, no job... plenty of things to get "blonde" hairs over. OK so I can deal with the "blonde" hair.

Then yesterday we are in the car headed to the Berlin Fair, and Dan reaches over and grabs what he thinks is a dog hair hanging off my chin, and pulls. And it doesn't come off. The darn thing is ATTACHED! YIPES! So I start feeling around and sure enough...there is a really long hair sticking off my chin...and it's "blonde". So I plucked it with lightning speed and instructed Dan to never speak of it again. So the blonde hair I can handle...but a "blonde" CHIN hair is a bit much... it's official... I am no longer a kid.