Thursday, November 09, 2006

long week please end...

ugh... I am exhausted... I should be as smart as my husband... he's sleeping on the couch... but not me... I'm blogging

This has been a really long week... even though nothing really has happened. I guess spending all day yesterday CONVINCED that is was Thursday, made today (actually thursday) seem like it lasted FOREVER.

Piper is *walking*. She's not totally walking all the time, but she is making lots of little walks between objects without holding on. She oscillated today from happy and giggling, to pitching complete hissy fits for absolutely no reason. And seeing as how this day actually started yesterday morning, it made it even longer.

She has started a new game of hide and seek. She runs away (or speed crawl/scoots away rather) and hides behind the kitchen island, the dresser in our room, or the nook between the front door and the coat closet, and giggles until you "find" her. Of course I know exactly where she is and just keep saying Piiiiiiper, where aaaaaare yoooooooou? until she can't take it any more and peeks around wherever she is hiding. Really, it's the cutest thing in the UNIVERSE... but after 3 hours I'm like OMG ENOUGH child. I get it, you're hidden, can we watch The Backyardigans and eat sorbet now, PLEEEEEEEEASE??? Really though, as exhausted and sleep deprived as I am right now, I wouldn't give up one second of the day that I get to spend with her. She is so much fun.

She likes to sing Row row row your boat now too... she looks up and goes whoa whoa, and then I am supposed to sing it. sometimes she sings with me : whoa whoa whoa whoa (skip gently down the stream part) mimi mimi mimi mimi (skip life is but a dream part); and she always claps when I finish the verse, and then looks up and says whoa whoa for me to start again. TOO STINKIN' CUTE! I am trying to teach her signs for eat and drink, to attempt to distinguish from milk, which she seems to sign when she wants to nurse, and when she wants to drink from a cup. And we're working on the hand motions for Itsy Bitsy Spider.

The doctor wants me to Ferberize her... I know so many people swear by it... but I just can't do it. I'm not capable of listening to her cry it out... I just can't do it. I may be losing my mind from sleep deprivation, but I will completely lose my sanity if I have to hear her screaming for me and not being able to go get her. I KNOW that I would not be strong enough to last it out, and therefore know that I shouldn't even try. Because if I cave, it just makes it worse. I mean honestly... is it REALLY so bad that she sleeps with us at night? She's a teeny little girl. I (almost 30 year old woman...) can't STAND to sleep alone... if Dan isn't home I get all creeped out... is it fair to make my 15 month old daughter do it? I think not. So I'll be a happy granola mom, with my baby in my bed, and bags the size of LL Bean Boat Totes under my eyes, but I'll be happy... well as happy as I can be on 3 hours sleep.

Last weekend I was convinced that I was PG. I was having phantom kicks constantly... and knowing my inability to take the pill exactly on time every day, I knew there was a possiblity. DH and I have decided that barring any accidents, Piper will be an only child. It's what's best for our family. So I took the PG test and it was negative. At first I was ok with it, it's what we wanted... right??? And then I was crushed. I kept thinking of the baby that I would never hold. The little face I would never kiss. The little toes I would never eat... it sucked... alot. My head KNOWS that we should only have 1, time, money, attention, sleep, sanity, they all vote for 1 kid. But the rest of me seems to disagree. So I guess I am going to have to live vicariously through Matt and his wife, she wants to have a litter.

Alright, I guess I should do something constructive before I go to bed... like polish off a big bowl of icecream.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well I am finally getting around to updating the blog... note the new slide show with recent layouts, yippee! Maybe I'll make a new header too... since those photos are from last JANUARY, EEEK!

Pipster - signs milk, is so close to walking I can taste it (she has taken a bunch of steps from about a foot away from you to you, but that's it), has 2 molars almost completely in and 2 about halfway in, says dada, mama, mimi (which sometimes means mommy, and other times means other things LOL), da (duck or Dora or Diego, depending on the situation), dat (what's that?), meow, woof woof, Elmo, ella (elephant), and makes the elephant trumpet noise, she sings several songs like the lalalalalala's in Sing from sesame street, row row row, Elmo's world, a couple of the Noggin songs... mostly she just makes noise in the appropriate rhythm LOL. At Gymboree she is the resident thief, constantly swiping toys from other kids... my little bully :)

Dan - still needs good thoughts for a new job. Hopefully something will come up soon. Got glasses... OMG does he ever look handsome... I mean he was always handsome, but there is something about those glasses... yum!

Maria - finished a new kit Primitive Halloween at Digital Freebies

I converted one of my intro psych students, she was a communications major and is switching to psychology because of my class... I love that! I just re-read the DaVinci Code... gosh I loved that book. I think I am going to have to re-read all of the Dan Brown books now, I really enjoyed re-reading that one. One that note, we got a new GORGEOUS Borders in the mall...drool drool... that's BAD NEWS for my checking account LOL... I looooooooove Borders, and the nearest one was 35 min away... now I have one 15 min away... uh oh! Next on my book list is Jennifer Weiner's In Her Shoes. I had been avoiding reading it because I felt that since they made a movie out of it, it might be too "commercial" ...then Dan suggested that maybe they made a movie out of it because it was her best one... so I'm gonna give it a shot.

Max - is really smelly

House - garage is almost done (wait, didn't I say that over a month ago LOL). it is all wired, but there aren't any switches, so we still don't have lights, but the garage door is in and the opener works! The basement flooded...again... luckily they hadn't done anything except demolition, soooo we have to get a battery backup system for our sump pump, because the power was out, which is why it flooded. The guys haven't been here this week yet, but Todd just pulled up so I guess they are doing something today LOL.

I think that's most of the stories as of late. Piper (as you can see below) was a purple fairy for halloween... unfortunately ALL of my photos came out blurry, so I have to re-dress her up this weekend and take some more photos with my good camera.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quick post to test something out :)

if this works... it's a video of Piper making animal sounds in her halloween costume