Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Gina tagged me a while ago, and I just remembered that I had better do it before she starts nagging LOL JUST KIDDING GINA :)

List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people. Dont forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog!

Only 5... I guess then you'll only know slightly how weird I am

I can't have milk and water in the same glass, this includes ice cubes in milk, milk poured into a previously used water glass, and especially water poured into a previous milk glass...ICK!

When I make PB&J, the PB and J go on the same slice of bread which is folded in half top to bottom, not left to right

I like mayo on the cheese side of my sandwich, not the meat side

9 times out of 10 if I am wearing socks, they are patterned... and usually the pattern is Christmas of some sort, no matter what time of year

Well, it may not be weird, but I don't sort laundry, other than separating out the towels. I wash everything together on cold. I wash the towels separately on hot. I never had enough "whites" to make a full load, so I stopped trying!

And why not, some weird things about my pets... since i have 2 I'll split them up

Max: when he eats his food he'll take a few bites, and then walk around the room, a few more bites, and walk...etc.

he likes to be brushed, but he LOVES to be dried off with a towel, he gets all excited and runs around in circles under the towel

He is afraid to walk over the floor register in the hallway, he stays really close to the opposite wall and walks really fast past it.

When he was a puppy he was afraid to walk up the stairs... he'd go DOWN the stairs, and then be too afraid to go back up... Dan would carry him upstairs. Eventually I had to bribe him with treats to teach him about the stairs.

and my fish... Orange Fish....was genetically created in a lab, and is super highly controversial... of course Dan didn't know that when he bought her, she was just a cool Orange Fish!

I tag: Claudia, Nikki, Amy Bleser, Meg, and Sherri. Let's see what weirdness you guys have :)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

updates... where are the updates????

OK, so I realize I left you all hanging for a while there... I feel like a chicken with my head cut off... running around in pointless circles...

>Is not allergic to garbanzo beans... freak coincidence I guess, but her allery test was negative
>Stands on her own, without using anything to pull up. She's thinking about walking, but hasn't quite gotten that figured out yet
>Says mama, for both me and Dan (well sometimes she calls Dan Elmo...), woof woof for dogs, and meow for things that look like cats, including lions and pigs, but not including tigers... go figure
>Drinks out of sippy cups with straws... no more fighting her to get her to tip it up high enough to drink...
>Is capable of feeding herself with a spoon, but will only do it for a few scoops before she starts playing in it

>Has applied for a few new jobs, and is waiting to hear, meanwhile another member of the team he is on quit... leaving 3 people doing the work of 6
>Drives me completely batty, but is the World's Best Husband
>Cleaned out the fridge for me today YIPEE

>Did not get the part time job
>Goes back to teaching on monday (BLAH)
>Entered Simple Scrapbooks 20 Digital Divas (or whatever it's called), fingers crossed
>New Kit: Tiger Lily at Digital Freebies

>Roof is done
>Siding is for the most part done, they have to replace the soffets and gutters and then will put the top most layer of siding on
>Garage construction has begun... garage is A)right up against the house... we were supposed to have a "mud room" of sorts, B) a LOT smaller than anticipated, and C) not at ALL lined up with the driveway. But I guess that's what happens when you need to be under a certain amount of money
>Basement will not be started until the garage is finished, so that we can put all the crap from the basement in the garage

Other Things
>ScrapMommies is no more... some JERK decided to hack it yet again, and Traci decided not to build it again. I can't blame her at all, I can't even begin to imagine the stress that must put on you to have to keep rebuilding the site that some idiot has decided is his personal playground. I will definately miss it. It was definately my home...
>My kits will be moved to Digital Freebies, and I will remain exclusive there
> Creative Team! How awful that they have been working with me for like 2 months and I haven't announced it yet! They are : Tanya (TiggerRD, SavvyMommy), Phuong (vietnamgrl), Stacey (slkone), and Leslie (serenasmom), and I am the luckiest designer in the world to have 4 such awesome-ly talented ladies working with my kits

OK I think that's it... in a nutshell LOL

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

here we go again

Monday night, exactly 1.5 hours after dinner, and Piper has hives. The only new thing, garbanzo beans (chick peas...whatever). True... it could be a miraculous coincidence...it could be related to the vaccines she had 2 weeks ago... the doctor said she could have a reaction upto 2 weeks later... but come on... in perfect timing with eating dinner??? Somehow I think not. So it looks like we have another food allergy on our hands. Definately wasn't prepared for this one...was prepared for growing out of the egg allergy in a few months... was not prepared for adding an additional allergy to the mix. Unfortunately garbanzo beans are in the same food family (and likely to have cross allergic reactions) with peanuts, black eyed peas, soy beans, and other legumes... Have you ever read the labels on food? EVERYTHING has soy in it. Everything. I have currently made the assumption that she does not have a cross allergy to soy, since the oatmeal she's been eating since day 1 has soy oil in it.... but that's just an assumption.

The allergist should call this week with the egg allergy blood test results (what torture that was...she was hoarse from screaming so much; I felt like Mother of the Year again when the bruises from the lab tech holding her arm appeared), and will ask him if he wants us to come in for garbanzo bean testing. Really there's no real point at this point. We have the epi pen, the only "solution" if she is allergic is to not give her garbanzo beans... which I think I can do without the hour long doc appt and the $35 copay.

Another note... please keep us in your thoughts... Dan might be losing his job. Not through any fault of his own of course. The short story:
Dan was IT at Lincoln. Lincoln outsourced it's IT to IBM. Dan is IT at IBM for Lincoln. Lincoln merges with JP. JP hates IBM. Lincoln doesn't renew contract with IBM. Therefore, Dan will (most likely) not work for Lincoln any more. Not a big deal... IBM will find him another position... until... all IT in the US (for the most part) is being outsourced to India, because they can pay 5 people in India the same amount they pay 1 tech in the US (the same way all our manufacturing was lost to China, etc.). So most companies are going that route. Which means within the next 5 years or so, Dan's out of a job. Period. Not a very positive prospect.

Which means, in a few years... I am definately going to have to get a full time teaching position, so that Dan can train for a new job. Nothing like being on track for a good paying job, and having it swiped out from under you...I feel really bad for all the US IT workers at the moment... since most companies are jumping on this bandwagon. Some companies have come back to using US employees after getting hundreds of thousands of complaints from customers re: their tech help not speaking english... but that's only some companies.

OK off my soap box LOL

If you haven't seen it yet, the new ScrapMommies Designers Mega Kit is out, called Surf's Up, and it's AMAZING

Nothing new from me recently... working working working

As Karen so diligently reminded me in chat the other day, summer is almost over, my classes start back on Aug 28th. Oh and it looks like I didn't get the half-time job I applied for. Technically I haven't heard NO yet, but I also didn't get invited to interview last week, when they were theoretically interviewing people. Too bad... we could have used the money, that's for sure.

Sorry to be a downer... just been a rough 24 hours...