Thursday, August 24, 2006

updates... where are the updates????

OK, so I realize I left you all hanging for a while there... I feel like a chicken with my head cut off... running around in pointless circles...

>Is not allergic to garbanzo beans... freak coincidence I guess, but her allery test was negative
>Stands on her own, without using anything to pull up. She's thinking about walking, but hasn't quite gotten that figured out yet
>Says mama, for both me and Dan (well sometimes she calls Dan Elmo...), woof woof for dogs, and meow for things that look like cats, including lions and pigs, but not including tigers... go figure
>Drinks out of sippy cups with straws... no more fighting her to get her to tip it up high enough to drink...
>Is capable of feeding herself with a spoon, but will only do it for a few scoops before she starts playing in it

>Has applied for a few new jobs, and is waiting to hear, meanwhile another member of the team he is on quit... leaving 3 people doing the work of 6
>Drives me completely batty, but is the World's Best Husband
>Cleaned out the fridge for me today YIPEE

>Did not get the part time job
>Goes back to teaching on monday (BLAH)
>Entered Simple Scrapbooks 20 Digital Divas (or whatever it's called), fingers crossed
>New Kit: Tiger Lily at Digital Freebies

>Roof is done
>Siding is for the most part done, they have to replace the soffets and gutters and then will put the top most layer of siding on
>Garage construction has begun... garage is A)right up against the house... we were supposed to have a "mud room" of sorts, B) a LOT smaller than anticipated, and C) not at ALL lined up with the driveway. But I guess that's what happens when you need to be under a certain amount of money
>Basement will not be started until the garage is finished, so that we can put all the crap from the basement in the garage

Other Things
>ScrapMommies is no more... some JERK decided to hack it yet again, and Traci decided not to build it again. I can't blame her at all, I can't even begin to imagine the stress that must put on you to have to keep rebuilding the site that some idiot has decided is his personal playground. I will definately miss it. It was definately my home...
>My kits will be moved to Digital Freebies, and I will remain exclusive there
> Creative Team! How awful that they have been working with me for like 2 months and I haven't announced it yet! They are : Tanya (TiggerRD, SavvyMommy), Phuong (vietnamgrl), Stacey (slkone), and Leslie (serenasmom), and I am the luckiest designer in the world to have 4 such awesome-ly talented ladies working with my kits

OK I think that's it... in a nutshell LOL


Anonymous Tanya said...

That was a huge nutshell! Thanks for the shoutout in your blog! Hope school's going well - loved getting the update on all the rest in your little corner of the world.

3:16 AM  

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