Friday, July 07, 2006

Newsworthy News

Good (almost) afternoon blog-readers!

It's been a while since I blogged... sorry... been a bit busy lately, though not really sure with what!

I have 2 new kits up at Digital Freebies: Under the Sea, and Aloha. Aloha has been in the works for a while, and I finally got into a grove and got it done. Under the Sea came out of necessity, we needed a Freebie for the Doodle Challenge, and I volunteered. I think that is the fastest I have ever finished a kit. I started it on the 27th of June, and it went active on the 4th of July. The free add-on, with doodles is available in the forums, and the full kit is in the boutique!


I have signed on to be a designer at ScrapMommies! My first kit is up there right now called Fun in the Sun. It was a June challenge prize kit, but just in case anyone missed it, it's now in the store.

I will have exclusive kits in each store (DF kits only available at DF, SM kits only available at ScrapMommies). Look for Spring Flowers coming to ScrapMommies, and Birthday Girl coming to Digital Freebies!


I am assembling a creative team! Since neither the DF or SM CTs have the time to work with every designer's new kits, I have "hired" a CT just for my stuff. I really didn't want to have a formal call... the idea of sending rejection letters was FAR beyond my comfort zone. So I contacted a few people who seemed interested in creative team work, weren't on a bunch already, and I liked their style, and there you have it. If I didn't contact you and you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be on MY creative team, pop me a note! I was going for a small team. I have 3 so far, and 1 more PM out, so once I hear back from everyone I'll make the big announcement!

OK enough with the scrappy stuff...I know why you're really here... Pip talk! (kinda like a pep talk, but a little different LOL)

On wednesday we discovered that Piper is allergic to eggs. It all started about 3 weeks ago, when I realized that every recipe (that sounded good) for birthday cake that I had, contained eggs. So I started introducing Piper to eggs. First just scrambled yolks, over the course of a week, she had them 3 times. She had no reaction, and she LOVED them. Last week I started mixing in the egg white. On sunday she had egg whites for the second time. Then Dan and I took her for a walk. It was HUMID but not all that hot. All the same by the time we got back, I was WAY overheated. I gave Piper a bath, put her down for a nap, and took and ice cold shower. When Piper got up, she had a rash under her chin, on her neck, and on her chest, directly under her chin. The rash on her chest looked like a print of her chin it was so perfectly matched. Since she spends most of her time with her chin on her chest looking at books or toys, etc., we assumed that it was heat rash. We wiped it with a cool damp cloth, cooled down the house, and the rash went away. On wednesday I gave her egg whites for the 3rd time at 9 am. We were playing for a while, and then I put her in the play pen to play while I did general clean up, dishes, laundry, etc. etc. I picked her up at 10:30 to give her a bath before her nap, and her cheeks were covered in hives. Oh boy. I took off her shirt, and her back and neck and armpits had hives. I took off her pants and there were some random hives on her legs. She had had something that had looked similar before, after crawling on my MILs bed during a diaper change, that had been alleviated after a bath. So I went on with my plan to give her a bath to see if that helped, if it didn't it was probably the eggs. Nope bath didn't help. Called Dan, called the doctor, and we were in the office by 11:30. The doctor asked all the typical doctor questions, have you changed detergent, soap, etc etc. Which of course was a big no all around, the only new thing was Day 3 of Egg Whites. So we have a tentative diagnosis of an egg allergy, and an appointment tomorrow with the allergist.

I know it's probably going to sound selfish, or non-PC or something, but I am so...dissappointed?? Is that the word? I wanted her to be perfect, to have nothing wrong, to have nothing that she ever had to worry about. To never have to worry about going to someone elses house and saying, Oh What's in that because I can't have X, Y, and Z. But now we're reading labels. Luckily, she's really only still eating baby food and fruits/vegetables so it's not a huge issue. But all the recipes recommended in "What to Expect" with the exception of a very select few contain eggs. They say (whoever they are) that most babies grow out of an egg allergy by the age of 3. So really only 2 years... but, for the next 2 years, I have to bring my own cake to birthday parties, bring my own bread to picnics, etc. And I know and egg allergy is nothing in comparison to what COULD be wrong with her... anywho, we'll see what the doctor has to say tomorrow. Alrighty, that's enough out of me... I'll leave you with a Pip pic :) This was taken on July 4th. Look at all those TEETH!


Blogger Nikki said...

You go girl!! It's awesome that you will be selling your goods at ScrapMommies! I can't wait to see who your CT girls will be and what they do with your stuff! Too bad about Pip and the eggs.
Have a good day! =)

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