Friday, June 02, 2006

Where I’ve come from… or why I don’t paper scrap any more

I had to post a layout at that I did using one of Jeanine Baechtold’s kits (called Softly Summer, available at, and I had one other layout in my gallery was one of the only paper scrapping layouts I had ever fininshed... and OMG it's AWFUL! Funny thing is the reason it's there is because I had entered it into a contest (gasp), I didn't win...big shock LOL.

Anywho, this was my creativity level when I was paper scrapping. Everything is perfectly lined up, all mats are perfectly even, which is fine, but it's BORING. There are 2 clips on each photo, on opposite corners. Journaling was printed on the computer as was the title, on a long strip of cardstock. The “embellishment” consisted of a large disco ball diecut a friend gave to me. The photos weren’t zoomed in or cropped at all, they were the exact snapshots that came home from the photo developers, that came right out of one of the disposable cameras we had on the tables at the wedding. Could this layout BE any more boring??? I haven’t re-scrapped these photos (mainly because they are currently attached to that layout, and not in my computer. But seeing this layout gave me a little push to re-scrap some of these old layouts (that being like what…5 or so that I actually finished…each as boring as the next…). I know I know, scrapbooking is about the memories, not about the art on the page. But here’s the thing…those layouts will never be seen. They are stuck in a plastic sleeve in my basement, they’re not even in an album…and even if they were, there would be like 5 pages to flip through and you’d be done! So I am going to scan in those photos and re-scrap them…who knows, maybe I can do it soon and give Dad a Disco Daddy-O layout for Father’s Day

Foil that layout with this one, recently published in Ready Set Create!

Credits: Jasbeanie's Cocktail of Surprises kit

Everything is still lined up, lots of straight lines here, but it's exciting! Inviting...Interesting! My scrapbooking has changes worlds since I started doing digital a little over a year ago, and I am so glad I have a medium that allows me to express my creativity that is in my head. And hopefully other people like to look at it too!

Who knows...maybe I'll actually win the next contest I enter!


Blogger Nikki said...

You've come a long way, baby!! I have a few pages where my first pages look like yours. I want to redo them so bad but I just don't really have the time.
Congrats on the publication! It's a beautiful layout!!
Have a good day!! :)

2:26 PM  

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