Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back from the doctors...

We are back from the allergist's. Really really nice guy (though he was male so Piper didn't like him much). He did the prick test, to determine Piper's allergy. He actually did it to me first, to show me that it doesn't hurt (nice guy!), and it didn't. Then he gave Piper the egg prick, and 2 controls. And the egg prick didn't react. He said that the egg protein test solution is diluted 50:1. So he got an egg, swished the pricky thing around in the white, and pricked her with that, and voila, BIG hive. SO she is allergic to eggs, but he said her number of IgE's is probably really low, meaning that it's not a terribly severe allergy. He's sending her for a blood test to get an IgE count to confirm. The basics of his conversation was avoid eggs, but don't panic if she gets ahold of something with eggs. He gave us an epi pen just in case, and said that he can't COMPLETELY predict that she will grow out of it, but he's almost positive that she will grow out of it. We're to get the blood test soon, which he will call us with the results from, and then see him again in 6 months for another prick test (at which he said he would be genuinely surprised if she reacted to, he expects her to grow out of it by then).

So that's my story. No eggs for a while, but she'll most likely grow out of it.

Did you know...

There was recently a legislation passed requiring manufacturers to use "plain english" on their ingrediants labels. For example, albumin, listed on the ingrediants label actually means that the product contains eggs! This legislation makes the manufacturer write eggs instead of albumin (and several other "jargon" words that manufacturers use for eggs and milk, etc.)! It went into effect Jan 06, and they expect it will take 1 year for all manufacturers to make the complete transition. So as of January it won't be a mystery anymore! Until then, I have a card to carry in my purse with all the "secret" words for egg containing products. I feel like I was newly initiated into a club LOL.


Blogger Sherry said...

I can totally relate. My youngest DD is severely allergic to peanut and eggs. I hope your little one outgrows it!

1:42 PM  
Blogger Nikki said...

Poor Pip :(

Hope she outgrows this allergy. I can imagine how hard it is to buy food. I had no idea that they had "secret" egg words. That's pretty scary.

6:04 PM  

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