Wednesday, July 19, 2006

what a week it has been

(it's funny, I know everyone is waiting for the updates, but I have had so much trouble writing this post....guess it's all too fresh and still bugging me)

Not that I didn't LOVE everything that happened last week, but boy am I glad it's over. Mom came out on tuesday, we bought a swingset on wednesday, dad came out on thursday, Dan did the best man "run errands with Matt all day" on friday, the wedding was saturday, Piper's birthday party on sunday, dad left on monday, and mom went home tuesday (yesterday). Phew

Now to elaborate

We chose one of the nice wooden swingsets with a "fort" on top, the sandbox underneath, a slide, monkey bars, and 3 swing stations. It took Dan and my parents 3 solid days to put it 90+ degree heat. I was almost positive one of them wasn't going to survive the ordeal... either from another one killing them, or because of the heat. But it was mostly done for Piper's party, and the kids got to swing a bit. Piper, of course LOVES it. Here's my happy monkey on her swing

The wedding was nice. It was HOT as predicted...probably around 90 in the church, and I trying to be polite and rule-following was wearing a cardigan so as to not show my shoulders in church. Plus wrestling with the monkey, OMG I thought I was going to DIE! Then about 5 min before the ceremony is supposed to start, Dan walks out and hands me Matt's camera, and says Matt wants you to take some pictures. Um, excuse me... you choose the 1 person with a year old baby in the church who is going to have to keep her confined and un-fussy, and you give HER the camera???!!!??? SO I can best hold Piper with my right arm, but cameras have the shutter on the right side... SO I held the camera upside down so that I could take pictures with the left hand and juggle Piper with the right. And somehow in the middle of all of it I managed to SWITCH cameras and take some photos with mine. Of course I brought my small maneuverable POS Sony, instead of my large cumbersome takes-the-greatest-photos-ever Cannon, so my pictures came out awful, but at least I got some. Here's Matt and Erica...

No the WHOLE reason I brought Piper to the wedding at ALL was I assumed they wanted FAMILY photos. Since Pip was only going to be at the church (and all wedding party members knew this) I assumed they would take them after the ceremony. Nope. I was finally involved in a photo midway through the reception. SO Other than everyone getting to see her for an hour, and her "being present" at the ceremony (which she will of course have no memory of, and we have no record of as there were no photos) there was really no point in my bringing her... oh well!

Then sunday was Piper's big birthday party. I made her a cake. Of course. Seeing as that has been my primary focus for like 2 months now. I found a normal cake recipe that had a substitution for eggs, and it actually tasted like CAKE! Can you believe it??? I, of course, knowing my daughter's fascination with Elmo, made an Elmo cake. See:

So the party starts, and MIL is being a beast already. Come to find out later, she was jealous that my parents got to see Piper for 5 days straight. Um, helloooo, my parents haven't seen Piper in five and a half MONTHS, you see her twice a month at a minimum, and spent 3 months seeing her twice a WEEK! I think you're even! The only response I have to this behavior is OK, you want to see her 5 days straight, that's fine, but then you only get to see her twice a year, just like my parents. DONE, THE END, ALL FIXED. Yeah right, she'd probably go postal and stab me with an antique letter opener or something. I can't stand that she is so obsessed with Piper. It really makes me crazy.

All in all, seeing as it was almost 100 degrees outside, Dan popped the kiddie pool 5 min before everyone arrived, Amber wouldn't stop teasing the dog in his crate, so we let him out and she FREAKED and SCREAMED at the top of her lungs as if he were attacking her, Holly (MIL) pouted the whole time and didn't say a WORD to my family, and Piper didn't eat a SINGLE CRUMB of her cake, the birthday party went well, and a nice time was had by all. And as soon as blogger starts cooperating again, below you will find a picture of my birthday girl! I can't believe how grown up she looks!

Dad went home, I cried. Mom went home, I cried more. And here we are, a week later, and I am STILL exhausted.


Blogger Robin said...

Sorry things were so crazy Maria! Can't believe she's 1 already!

8:23 PM  
Blogger Nikki said...

what a crazy weekend! Piper sure does look so much older now and your cake turned out awesome!!

10:36 PM  

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