Thursday, September 28, 2006

Crocs Rule Mega Charity Kit and Crops this weekend at DigiShopTalk

Hi everyone! The designers at Digital Freebies have been hard at work this past week getting together:

This mega kit was put together in memory of the late Steve Irwin, and all of the wonderful animal conservation work he has done. Proceeds all go to Steve's charity Wildlife Warriors, for the conservation and preservation of animals.

We are kicking off the release of the kit with 3 crops on Saturday and Sunday at DigiShopTalk!

Crocs Rule Midday Crop Saturday 9/30 at noon EST at DigitShopTalk hosted by Maria LaFrance and Tracy Collins of Digital Freebies

Crocs Rule Evening Crop Saturday 9/30 at 9PM EST at DigiShopTalk hosted by Heather Heinzer and EvaK of Digital Freebies

Crocs Rule Aussie Crop Sunday (10/1) 1am EST at DigiShopTalk hosted by Bannerwoman and dedicated2digital of Digital Freebies

Come by the DigiShopTalk chat room for fun, freebies, and prizes, and support the Digital Freebies Designers in remembering the life and work of Steve Irwin. Let's chat, play some games, get some inspiration, have some fun, and support a worthy charity, Wildlife Warriors!

Croc's Rule: Charity Kit for Wildlife Warriors in Memory of Steve Irwin is on sale at Digital Freebies now CLICK HERE You can read more about Wildlife Warriors here:

Hope to see you on Saturday or Sunday! The chatroom at DigiShopTalk is located here:

my poor neglected blog... and TAG

OK, so I realized that it has been almost a FULL MONTH since I have posted... so much for my original attempt at weekly, eh? Real-life work really takes it out of me... and my boss is "pressuring" me to apply for the full time position... AGAIN. I have told her numerous times that I can't do it, and still she keeps asking.

I just found out today that I don't have class on monday because of Yom Kippur, too bad I had class scheduled for that day, and am already half a class period behind, ARGH.

Construction on the house is progressing... the garage is almost done, just needs a door, electricity, and some drywall against the house. Siding, roof, and gutters are done. Now just the basement remains. It has been demolished (almost all the way) and once we get everything cleared out, they'll start rebuilding it.

Piper went to the doc yesterday for a follow-up blood test for her hemoglobin count. It came up 1 point from the last test, and the doc said that was a "textbook" reaction to increased iron, and exactly what they wanted to see. So we keep on with the iron for another month, and then just switch to an iron supplemented vitamin. She's getting her molars still... 2 of them popped through 2 nights ago, and are working their way up. She's not walking yet, but is definately getting close. New words in the vocab include "uhsat" (what's that), "meh" (Max, the dog), and I'm fairly certain she said elephant the other day.

On the digi scrapping front I am having an album sale through Oct 1st, all albums 40% off, it's a good time to grab them. My AWESOME CT has been rockin the galleries with some album layouts, so be sure to check them out! My CT also has 2 new members: Claudia (mnm_y2) and Amanda (Amanda_Miller) have joined our ranks! YAY! Digital Freebies has 2 BIG surprises coming out by next tuesday... one should be released today, and the other debuts on Tuesday, so watch for those newsletters, it's gonna be BIG!

OK and my good friend Eva has tagged me so I'll play along

7 songs I'm into right now
OK, so this is probably going to be pretty lame, since my "music" lately consists almost entirely of Laurie Berkner and Sesame while usually I'm up on the new and hip... not so much at the moment LOL

Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved
Kelly Clarkson - Because of U
Black Eyed Peas - Pump it Up
Rob Thomas - (I can't pick any one song, the WHOLE ALBUM is amazing) Something To Be
Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles - Who Says you can't go home
Hoobastank - The Reason
and I'm SURE if I heard it I'd love Justin Timberlake - Sexyback

OK that's as good as I can do LOL

Not sure who to tag.. will blog-surf and see if anyone hasn't answered this yet LOL